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 I am Ericka

Good Medicina Guide

You guide into the deep mystery.  

I am here because I have taken this path you are about to embark on, in my own life. And it has changed me deeply. 

Each time I dive into the Sacred Waters, I emerge with a deeper understanding of myself and life which brought about deep change.  A journey towards my own truth. 


The deepest transformations in my life have unfolded with Plant Medicine by my side.  An ally that guides me to my roots. To what is unconscious and  sacred.

At my roots I found;  


Deep Truths 




Uncomfortable feelings 


Things I could not see that were still impacting my life.

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The roots held the most tender parts of myself that yearned to be seen and integrated.

In my own life this has lead to shedding, releasing, reclaiming, and rising. A cycle that is still happening and will continue to unfold. 


This has required me to embrace my path with courage and a willingness to look honestly at myself and change my own life. And I am still embracing, changing and learning. 


 It is a journey of depth, courage, and mystery.  For there are things which unfold that can't be explained when working with the Medicine. 


Soil on my feet 

Forest path winding 

Communing with Nature 

My teacher

Back to my roots 

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