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Old wounds left unhealed manifest in patterns and choices repeated in your life. 

Break the patterns by healing the wounds. 

It starts with you. 

The Psilocybin Journey 


This journey could indicate a time and place in your life that could be a turning point towards a new destination and deeper understanding of yourself and life.

An experience meant to support you, taking you deeper into yourself than ever before. An initiation into your deep healing as you swim in the sacred psychedelic waters; emerging transformed.


Journey into the depths of your being to SHED, RELEASE, RECLAIM AND RISE. 


Shedding what is no longer serving you. Conditioning, patterns, and outdated ways of being.



Releasing may take you to the places within yourself that were previously inaccessible or out of reach. 



Retrieving invites you to hold all the parts of yourself. A new form takes shape. Who is SHE? 


As you emerge from the Sacred Waters; you have changed. 


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and Integration

Microdosing is a beautiful way to dip your toes into Sacred Waters. Psilocybin shines a light on what you need to examine in your life. To receive the transformation, it does require a partnership with the Medicine. An openness to receive and learn what it is showing you and creating the changes in your own life.  


Getting support during your microdosing practice allows you to deepen, create change, integrate and transform. 


Stay tuned for future Medicine Retreats!



Looking for guidance and support in your journey of life? With personalized guidance, we will work together to support you on your sacred path. 

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